Christopher Holmes made his editorial debut more than thirty years ago with FIVE EASY PIECES. Holmes went on to cut such blockbusters as THE NATURAL, BUGSY, and THE PATRIOT. "I've cut over 50 films, Holmes discloses. "This one [AMERICAN SECRETS] I take home with me."

Holmes currently lives in New Orleans with his wife, Eva.

RICHARD CHISOLM, Director of Photography

The distinguished winner of a national Emmy for Cinematography, Richard Chisolm delivers to an audience the feeling of being there—being inside the story. "In three decades of camera work on documentaries," Chisolm confides, "there are a few rare projects for which the term 'vitally important' could be applied. AMERICAN SECRETS is definitely among them.  Its value surpssses history and serves as a warning for this present moment in the United States."

Chisolm's credits include documentaries, feature films, TV series, and commercials.

Producer/Director Claire Ragge has always been a firm believer in the public's right to free speech and unbiased facts.

When, in 2005, Claire learned that prominent Americans were being sued by the Honorary Chair of the International Auschwitz Committee for supporting Hitler, she realized that someone needed to investigate the matter thoroughly and objectively, and that’s what she did. In December of that year, Claire founded Gaslight Productions and two months later set off on the first of many trips to National Archives in Washington, DC to further her research.

Realizing there was no time to waste, as many of the individuals she wanted to interview were from the World War II era (and indeed, five have since passed away), Claire plunged into her first interview. Three months later she set off to Europe with only a camera in hand. Her relentless investigation turned up enormous amounts of evidence, including documents, archival photos and footage, and on-camera interviews. Little did Ragge know that what started as a small bit of internet conspiracy theory would lead to this incredible ten-year worldwide quest for truth, covering five countries, nine states, and the District of Columbia. The result is the epic, compelling and eye-opening documentary, AMERICAN SECRETS.

CLAIRE RAGGE, Producer/Director